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Saturday, July 11, 2009

FOTD , Experimenting and Awards!

I visited the mall today! yey!!! It took away all my stress! I'm alive!!! I also ate KFC today since I was craving for almost a week! I visited the cosmetic section in the department store to look for a two-way cake foundie... For the first stop: Ever Bilena two way cake foundation. I was very skeptical to its quality because I bought a lipstick once from the line and tadah! dark pigmentation on the lips and it feels like my lips are burning! So, I allowed the SA to put the foundie on my face and she tells me that it will last for long hours and I dont even need yo re-apply for another coverage just re-touch using face powder. I told her I'm going to go back and buy it if I see results after I go home.


green is in-- SM supermarket hehe..

lil more practice again

Honestly, I'm kinda surprise with the result. I just touched up w/ face powder put some blush on and do an eotd and put plumping lips glaze from elf. I'm surprise with the coverage I hardly see my bumps and scar in my right cheek.

I'm still thinking about this, so gals I need some advice what is the best foundie for you?
love to hear from y'all!



Angie of Stockpiled gave this award to all her followers
so I'm embracing all of them, y'all know I love appreciations.

This award was given by a very sweet person like unripe mango?
hehehe, I'm just kidding my friend. We just met here at blogger and she just told me
that she's going to give me some MAC products!!! So kind! heheheh...

Mitch of Mitcherious Effect

Thank you guys for these lovely award!!!

So, I am passing these also to the ff:

Pop Champagne
Dana of My Simple Randomness
Louie of I'm uber feminine
Mitch of Mitcherious effect
Aika of Aika Fierce
Edna of Abcgrrl

hope you like it!


  1. Thanks for the award babe <3 Btw I love the green on you, looks so fierce! Have a great weekend!

  2. Omg, so many awards~! Thank you so much hun <3

    & you look greaat in your photos, so cute! :) I use MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation.

  3. actually i like the Ever Bilena eyeliner...it's at par with Lancome Le Crayon Kohl..

    I lost my Lancome Le Crayon months ago & i was thinking of buying one...but of course, im not willing to shed a thousand bucks for that..hehe..i heard that the EB liner is good so i bought & i love it!

    Now i don't need to buy Lancome le Crayon anymore...EB saved me money!

    Hoep you'll have a nice week,girl!

  4. thanks for being a follower!! & thanks for the swt comment. I love the green-gold look! super sexy.

  5. Hehe skipping around your posts (: This look is HOTT!!!