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Thursday, July 9, 2009

EOTD,Giveaway and intro to a new make up freak!

I've been busy the whole day and I'm craving for chocolate coated strawberries!!! I really love everything chocolate and strawberries even the combination of brown and pink I find it very cute! Since I got my unexpected visitor (thank GOD!) and have nothing to do, I visited my babies and do a chocolate coated strawberry inspired EOTD.


need more practice hehe..

my skin not so great today arghhh...

sleeping beauty? hehe

see the pain in my eyes? abdominal cramps : C


French Kiss Giveaway!!!!

French kiss is having her What's in my bag contest! and there will be 10 winners!!

o my gawd! : D

How To Enter:
-You must be a FOLLOWER.
-If you have a blog, post about it, link it to my page.
-Post it on Twitter



I've been searching for some good stuff to buy at Multiply since I'm looking for a nudish pink lipstick, I've been browsing some reviews and everything. Then, I click some links and finally got to a personal account and I've seen her drooling treasure chest!!! and this young lady that is soo creative!

nice job!

Look at her treasure chest!!!

Ladies, I need some advice for nude and nudish pink lipsticks!!!


  1. hey I love the coated strawberries too! my bf use to make that for me... hmmm he doesn't do that anymore :P lol


  2. Although u abit 'plus size' but u are still look fine and cute! No worry, be happy~ ^_^

  3. omg when I get my unexpected visitor all i wanna do is eat junk food, fast food and sweets, it's soo bad LOL!! :D Have a great weekend!