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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yard Sale and some updates!

Hello ladies!! I received a lot of looved comments and I'm so happy about that. So my friend asked me if I could join him (he's gay! a lovable and a true person) to some yard sale!

So I'm sharing this to you lovely ladies!

to check their items Click here


Update Update Update!

I knew that I promised that I want to be more updated on my blog and I'm soo sad that it didn't came up like that. I can't wear my contact lens and put anything on my eyes right now due to some unwanted redness in my eyes. I look like I have a sore eyes and everybody was avoiding me (like duh! what's their problem?) and I got a big bump on my nose! But since someone asked me to picture myself wearing the NYX item that I won from Thiamere's Giveaway, I do it for the last time! And also in our Humanities subject I tried to be more creative hehehe.. sound interesting huh??

swollen eyes T_T

It looks like a drawing of a elementary student! :'D

Here's my pic using NYX real nude

and my popobe necklace saying "goodbye for now!"

(see the big bump in my nose?)

**Upcoming Post**

Another Haul :C
Lady Gaga's Paparazzi look



  1. Hope your eye gets better sis. :)

  2. hope your eyes get better soon.. congrats on winning thiamere's contest.. :D

  3. wow that's a nasty red. get well soon! :)

  4. that's a pretty nice nude lip color. Me likes it! =)