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Monday, July 6, 2009

Plus Size Dresses

As everybody know, I'm a plus size girl and I'm happy with that. I tried to be thin but it really was not for me. So, I'm embracing it, I want to lose weight yeah! but I want to limit it look like a plus size model they are pretty and cute like Toccara Jones, Kate Dillon and Whitney Thompson.

As I'm surfing the net, I picked some cute dresses for plus size women like me and I had a lot of fun doing this. Thinking that we're just stocked in shirt and jeans! So here's my pick for y'all

From FAITH21

Keisha Surplice dress
the overlap style and a color contrast belt makes you more slimmer

Triple Block Knit Dress
Vertical lines will make you look slimmer

Eloise Floral Trim Dress

This is best for pear shaped ladies-- cute!

Vanna Pleated Dress

Ruffle Front Dress w/ Belt
I love this look so feminine


Zebra Chiffon Smocked-Neck Secretary Dress
Animal Prints? why not?

Black Pinstriped Belted Pinafore Dress Blouse 2fer
Layering will make you a unique statement

White and Black Ruffled-Front Short-Sleeved Swing Dress
Choose classic clothes that never run out in style

Lime Jersey Knit Braided Tie-Front Dress
Not always in black, play with your imagination

Grey Herringbone Lace Trim Peplum Tube Dress
Reminds me of Rihanna

And Lastly,

This is my all time favorite dress!!! I dont know where I can't get this! But I tell you guys that I kept staring at this dress, I even print out this one and stick to my scrap book! Lolz!


  1. dress 1 2 and 4 are available in divi lalo na yung 2

  2. I agree with you, that last dress is my favorite~!

  3. im also a plus size...actually im a ++size..haha
    im serious

    but i haven't tried putting on a dress...
    but am thinking of buying one nga..kya lang walang kasya sakin


  4. oh honey, they are all sooo lovely... i know how you feel about the weight losing issue. People think i am rude when i talk about losing weight..but honestly i hide my fat by wearing certain pieces that make me look thinner...I have tried losing 20 lbs in two months and i looked incredibly thin... but seriously i suffered so much... my diet sucked! i even ate salad with NO DRESSING! can you beleive that? and then when i went on vacation for 2 months, i overindulged and gained the whole weight back... I'm happy you are embracing your body weight..I really need to...

  5. hi, for your last dress try www.dreamdiva.com.au

  6. Those are some good looking plus size dresses. With the scarf tied around your waist it makes her look slim.