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Monday, July 20, 2009

Hopefully my haul this Month

My last haul was arrived this morning... and now I'm able to present to you some of my hauls this month. I also received my jansport bag freshly from US and the seller is soo generous she gave me some freebies I never expect that. I hope that is my haul this month, I feel that my wallet is running for her life hahahaha!! So here's my hauls:

My Jansport Bag fresh from US

The Freebies!!! Bath and Body works hair mascara and
Marykate and Ashley lipgloss in Rumor

Love the color ^_^

My Food haul:
Pocky--- yummy but a pricey for just 1 box hehehe..

Gardenia's Slim and Fit--- Can you believe this a bread w/ L-carnitine?? Good For me! I love snacking

Korean Kimchi beef flavor instant noodles (not in the photo)--- Im so excited to try it and forgot to take a picture of it ; C

Foot Accent Foot lotion--- Honestly its a failure, No cooling effect at all

Eskinol Oxygen Skin Renew Cream-I really love this make my face look fresher in each morning

Eskinol Ice pore therapy Fluid- Perfect cream before you put make it tighten my pores and cooling effect.

Olay Daily Purifying Soap w/ Microbeads

Lewis and pearl body oil
Ever Bilena 24 eyeshadow pallete (thanks to you my ladies who blogged about this)
Avon's Heaven Scent in pink petals
Green Cross moisturizing alcohol

Blistex Medicated Balm in Rasperry-- Makes my lips moisturize and i love also the smell

St. Ives Apricot Scrub

My Haul From Ebay

Revlon Nail Stay (Finally found a design that I really like)
Delux Eyeshadow cream in Golden Apricot
Belleza Blush in Shy

Up-- Belleza Blush
Below--Delux Golden Apricot

Ohhh! I just love the nails : D

So ladies what are your haul this month
love to read about your FAB hauls!


  1. wow!
    nice haul!

    i love kimchi..but i prefer the fresh ones...
    i haven't tried clip on nails yet...
    i have heard about the glue making the nails brittle later on with excess usage...
    just not sure though..
    but i know that it does look great!

    i also love that blistex..
    i bought one before & i have to say i definitely prefer it over chapstick!

    sa susunod na ko mghhaul..wala na ko pera e..hehe...tom ko ship ug goodies mu a...kkatawag ko pa lang kc sa courier ngayon e..hehe

  2. Hi sis! Nice haul...sumakit bulsa ko hehe. You bought so much! I love how the nails look on you. :) Are the Belleza products any good? :)

  3. this all looks so fun! never heard of Ever Bilena! now i have to look it up!

  4. penge nmn pocky ^_^

    Love to hear if effective un Olay Daily Purifying Soap w/ Microbeads..

    Hmmm.. I can smell more EOTD because of that Ever Bilena e/d palette..wow! I'm so exited ^_^ congratz n your new haul :)

  5. Nice haul hun~! <3 That lipgloss looks SO pretty!!

  6. ooh I love those revlon nails! And I love that apricot scrub :D

    haha I would like to meet you one day too! I think we'd have fun going shopping!

  7. wow great hau hmm i wanna try everbilena nga din. transparent ba ang takip nya? :)buti pa kayo ako medyo matagal nga di nakapaghaul ulit
    :( haha
    anyways thank you so much for the comment dear. have a nice day!