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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Experimenting make up #2 and giveaway!

We don't have a class today again due to AH1N1 scare at our school, glad that I had the rest of the day to check out my babies (make up)! So sad that my favorite lipstick is almost gone and need to buy another, but since cosmetics right now is not on my budget I need to create another experiment for me to have this shade last till I have the money to buy another one. The good thing was I found my Body Shop's glitter pout! It's almost out of mind that I have this item... too focused to my new items hehe...

So here's the experiment:

The body shop glitter pout
This is somewhat solid lipgloss
This is my Maybelline's Lacy Beige, now you see how terribly I need to buy few new things

This is the look of lacy beige on my lips
and my nose is widely open have you see any booger? lolz!

The result! I need to put some hint of pink from another lipstick to make it more to life
My lacy beige and glitter pout alone is very pale and barely to notice

Look on my lips...

are they the same??

that's it!


Reason to Celebrate??

It's EyezAddiction Birthday Giveaway!!!

EyezAddiction is having a giveaway on her 28th Birthday!!

here's the link!!!

Happy Birthday EyezAddiction!


  1. maybelline is famous brand here and usually hard to buy as they selling like hot cakes.

  2. Can't really tell if they're the same as the lighting is different... I think the first pic is more pink though.

    Ahh, budgets suck eh? Good work on trying to get the most of your lippie!

  3. naks! Kissable lips talaga! ^_^

  4. Hi grace! Thanx for joing my contest and for following :) Good Luck!