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Sunday, June 28, 2009

DIY: Thinning hair Remedy and awards!

Do you suffer from dandruff? hair loss? hair fall and thinning of the hair and looking for remedy?
Hair loss and baldness are problems of many people like me. All of these problems are cause of excessive use of shampoo, hair treatments, hair styling and pollution. Hair is the crowning glory of us ladies so we need to take care of it or else we ended up with bald spot and dry hair. I will share to you some advice and recipe for these problems.

You need: (depend on how long your hair was)

Aloe Vera
Fresh Coconut Milk (alternative: Virgin Coconut Oil)
Kalamansi Juice (alternative: Lemon)
Mortar and Pestle
Hair Cap or Hair wrap

First, we need to grind the Aloe Vera using the mortar and pestle, grind it until it's juice came out. Then squeeze some calamansi and mix it with the coconut milk. After that, put the grinded aloe vera in the calamansi and coconut milk mixture and mix it together.

Apply the mixture on your scalp specially the part that has dandruff and baldspot, after that apply to your hair. Put hair cap for the mixture will be absorb by the scalp and hair, leave it for 30 mins. Wash your hair thoroughly.

Make it a habit:

Mix the shampoo with water, so that the shampoo can't washed all the hair moisture.
Strong shampoo can cause baldness and hair fall.
Don't use products with ammonia
Don't over use hair iron
Hot oil is must but only once in a two months (I'm using Lipostrale from Watson)


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  1. Thanks for the DIY for thin hair. Now do you have one for Thick hair ? I hate my hair :(