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Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Haul for the month of July and August

So being in the Philippines without credit card is hard to buy online goodies specially websites like victoriasecret.com and everything that keeps me wondering how can I get this, that stuff. So I met this fab lady her name is Tita Mac a seller in multiply she lives in New York and she send our stuffs to her children who lives here and deliver our stuffs through local courier. Thats make easy for me to shop without a hassle!

For the month of July!

Jansport Superbreak Choco Chips
We got this Bag for $20 original price: $45
VS Berry kiss
We don't have this scent here in the Philippines
Harajuku lovers School Girl watch From shopadornonline
We got this for $15 original price: $60

For The month of August

I got hoodies for me and my hubs because of rainy season:

The blue one is Zoo York Rain or shine reversible hoodies got for $10 original price: $60
The black one also from Zoo York and reversible also got it for $20 original price: $60

I'm thinking to buy sneakers at Zoo york but haha!! Dont have enough Okane! T.T


  1. The watch is so cute!! :) A girl's bestfriend = diamonds and her credit card !!

  2. love everything♥
    you got such great deals
    I am going to check out the website

  3. ohhh!
    harajuku lovers!

    i want a bag
    i just dont know where to buy e...
    kung ppunta ko sa rustan hnd dn ako mkakabili nun..ginto dun e..hahah

  4. for the watch: what a best deal! :0

  5. I love the Harajuku watch and it's such a GREAT DEAL!! wow!

  6. so cute.. i love the bag.. the watch,, weehh,,is your favorite color blue?? hihi

  7. i want the harajuku watch!!! so cute =)