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Friday, June 26, 2009

Darling V Fish Contest!

I hate and love this day, why? Because my professors not able to attend the class and we just waiting in vain! omfg! whatta waste of time! but I love also this day because I'm able to play with my babies and able to enter Darling V's Fish Inspiration contest!!! <<<--- link!

My Inspiration is a Royal Gramma Fish

Me w/out flash

Me w/ flash

eye close up w/out flash

I love Elf's plumping lip glaze, I'm a fan of lip gloss w/ the hint of mint

I tried to pose w/ my starry eyes

Do i look exhausted here?

Item I used:

Avon pallete
CG make up enhancers in Onyx
CG smoothers
E.l.f Lip glaze
E.l.f face powder
Nichido mousse blush on

Smooches to my followers and to ms. Vanessa


  1. goodluck with the contest gracie.. :D love the tail detail.. :D

  2. good luck to you, creative work :)

  3. Good luck on the contest! You look so cute!

  4. Thanks hun, but omg don't back out of the contest, I love your look. I really like how your makeup look is so soft compared to mine.

  5. wow very pretty^^
    i love the colours you've used. your eyes look so pretty~__~ good luck for the contest

    + those contacts look good on you^^~