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Friday, June 12, 2009

My Geo lenses and my school's statement shirt

So, I got my lenses this week and I was very excited to my Geo angel green and starry eyes and starting to love it. Everyone is noticing that I had bigger iris than a normal person... they told me that is cute but pretty scary.

My Starry eyes..McDonald's cashier is asking me where did I got this

My angel green

I got four but I gave the two other lenses to my friend and sister

Pardon for not wearing make up ^_^ but its true, it looks bigger

I promised my classmate that I will set a new trend in our small boring school haha!
But now, I am going cross enroll to our main campus at Manila and I got my statement t-shirt finally!!!

I'm so tired that time, i got fluffy eyes T_T

Proud to be Iskolar(scholar)

Going to get the lanyard also next week!!!

Next week is a new school year to begin, I'm excited to transfer to the main campus. Yippee!


  1. i wanted to try this.. but i am damn afraid it might irritate my eyes.. LOL i love your blush on the pic..

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  3. You're very pretty <3 & those lenses look cute on you :)

  4. like to have one but i hate pre orders