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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Random of Me

First I wanna say thank you to my 27 lovely followers! I thought I'm not going to have any followers in this site, surprisingly I got almost 30 in 2 months that's incredible! I'm glad that Ketmany is holding a INTRODUCTION GIVEAWAY, I have the opportunity to introduce myself to my followers.
Me w/out make up

My friends called me Gracie, I don't want to be called by Mary or Grace that compose of my real name it's very annoying and that was soo.. common. I'm from the beautiful country of the Philippines (mabuhay! hehe :D).I'm full blooded marinduquena and i love my hometown.. It reminds me how my mom and dad met.

This is moriones festival held in my beloved hometown

Balanacan Port, Marinduque
I'm in my 4th year college right now in the field of Information Technology at Polytechnic University of the Philippines where many activist bloomed, so as y'all noticed that sometimes I post a blog that is not beauty related and tackled about Microsoft newest operating system because that was my field. I love editing in adobe photoshop and computer games. I'm a techie person, I love gadgets... I'm loving right now is my nintendo DS lite and my camera! I'm also a cam whore. I'm a make-up junkie, chocolate lover and trendy. I also love porky stuff toys!!!!In terms of music, I'm a fan of Celine Dion, Olivia Ong and Christina Aguilera but It doesn't mean that I dont adore metal rock ,R n b and pop.

my school
me and classmates, were done practicing our cheering routine

These are my few babies ^^

My kawaii camera

My nintendo DS Lite
This was edited in adobe photoshop by me, this was requested by
one of my guild mates in an online game

My sexy warrior w/ my pink pig pet from Cabal Online game

Me and my kupz @ taktak falls, Antipolo
taken last 2007

This is me and mah homeboy, we're been together for 2 years...Hope it last till the end.
We're both adventurous, we love traveling and we like to try many things like bungee jumping and eat frogs!Recently we ate scarabs at Pangasinan ^_^. It was taste odd and crunchy.
We both had a tongue pierced before but I choked it one time, he end up worrying and crying all night, because I was in the emergency room for 4 hours! his fault! haha! sorry my kupz.

Random of me:

+ people don't know
that i am a cry baby

+i am confident,
self assured, and capable.

+i am not easily intimidated.

+I make my make life out to be exactly how I want it.
And i'll knock down
anyone who gets in my way!

+i WANT usually the
best at everything ...
i strive for perfection.

+i AM wild, crazy,
and a huge rebel.
i AM always up to something.

+I am a free spirit, and
I resent anyone who tries to
fence me in.

+I am unpredictable,
adventurous, and always
a little surprising.

+A true chameleon, many things
at different points in my life.
I'm very adaptable.

That's me!!!

thanks for reading, if you want to ask something feel free to comment
or leave a message to my cbox!



  1. gracie thank you so much for entering my giveaway!

    ewww i cant believe you at sacrabs! lol & your photoshop skills are amazing. you must teach me!

  2. Hehe, I have a feeling pink is one of your favorite colors :)

  3. its great to know lots of things about you!
    so you play online games,eh?