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Friday, June 26, 2009

Beauty for a living giveaway!

Beauty For a Living Giveaway!!!

You could win this unbelievable Gift Certificates from Aesthetics Science Clinic

Link: title & picture

Here's what the winner will get:
  • Diamond Peel worth P1,200 - This innovative non-chemical exfoliation treatment corrects the signs of aging and sun damaged skin with no downtime at all. It also helps in the improvement of acne scars and stretch marks. For optimal results, a series of treatments is advised. It is a safe and therapeutic approach to skin care when done in combination with other facial treatments.
  • eMax Skin Rejuvenation worth P3,500 for face - uses combined energies for effective and gentle restoration & rejuvenation of skin appearance
  • Body Scrub with Bleach plus Massage worth P1,400 - A 2-hour relaxing body treatment for softer, smoother and lighter skin. A rich sea salt is blended with the finest oils that has exfoliating properties and is used to remove dead and unwanted skin. A bleaching agent is then applied all over the body.
  • Reshape worth P4,000 for abdomen/butt and thighs - employs cutting edge RF technology to heat the inner layer of skin to achieve a Total Body Reshaping and sculpting. This revolutionary heat wave therapy will improve your body contour and skin texture to give you that toned, firm look without aggressive exercise or dieting.
That's a total of P10,000 worth of facial and body treatments!

Want to be pampered? Here's how you can win:

1. Write about the contest in your blog.
2. Make sure to link your post to this post.
3. Leave a comment informing me of your post.
4. Wait for 7 days. Contest ends on July 3 midnight and I'll announce the winner the next day!

Common Ladies let's join join!! If you win can you give me the Reshape certificate?? lolz!!


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