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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Valentine Look

Too early for planning your look on Valentines? February is now fast approaching and I can't believe I'm still SINGLE and ready to mingle! Oh my gawd that was a record for not having a boyfriend for almost 5 months! Don't worry dolls, even though I'll be alone for valentines I'm happy now and I'm loving myself more dearly and I have more time for my family and studies that is so much life intervention and I must confess that me and my dad are more closer now (i can even talked to him like a friend) which makes me feel happy and satisfied for what I am now.

Me and my EX were good friends now, since our break up was not all about having a third party or whatever issue that most relationships torn apart but I was still missing him...

Enough for that!

So, I decided to do a valentine look because our school was organizing a graduation ball and I was hoping to find my valentine on that day (just kidding!) I used pink and gold hues I think it was a great combination. Lets see..

What I used:

Skin79 hot pink BB cream
Ellana finishing powder in espresso con panna(not in photo)

88 E/S palette
Ever bilena 24 E/S palette
Illamasqua cream E/S in morn
Stila Lash Visor
Maybelline gel liner in black

Illamasqua cream blush in Laid
Stila Finishing Illuminator in Bronze

NYX round lipstick in Fig
Mary kate and ashley gold lipgloss



  1. I think pink and gold colors are lovely together =] I might put together an outfit with those two colors for my 3 year anni. I don't celebrate Valentines Day except when I was younger so don't feel so bad! I'm not even doing anything on that day besides studying. If you're single, just party or have a girls day/night out =]

  2. Love the valentine look-Sooo pretty!

  3. pink and gold are nice combination!

    awww... you and the bf already broke up?
    its ok... there are a lot of fishes in the sea...

  4. Wow pink and gold really goes well together! I like how the gold shines so subtly! :)

    We also are the same shade in Ellana finishing powder. I love love love their oil absorbing veils. They're perfect.

    I'm probably wont be doing anything this valentines day. the bf doesnt buy me roses or get me a love not. he's not the most romantic person in the world LOL!

  5. yeah...such a great combination
    so romantic looking!

    v-day doesn't necessarily mean that we ought to be a slave over love diba? ganda mu kaya!
    it's his loss...

    anyway, kudos to you & your dad's relationship.wow!
    how awesome! i sure wish ganun din kami ni pader..hehe