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Friday, January 15, 2010

Love package all the way from DAVAO

First of all I just want to apologize for not being updating my blog, not because I'm lazy but all because of my camera (it finally gave up). I don't want to post a blurry not so great quality pictures on my blog but one package came this afternoon and I knew that I really need to acknowledge this pretty girl that in spite of DISTANCE and completely strangers at first but we became a really good friend.

She's actually the very first girl that became my friends here in blogger. Maybe because of some similarities and lemmings (hehehe..) but I really love this girl and of course my another girl Thia.

Nikki sent me a late Christmas gift but thats okay, she completely surprised me.

Warning: Sorry for the pictures
I used webcam to take pictures.

big package huh?

look at this pretty bohemian bag

Some says its INDIAN-Y but for me
its more THAILANDer because of the elephants.
I love the design it has many dimensions
and the color (yow girl how'dya know i love purple huh?)

Hello Panda! nom..nom..
love my nails! nude!
Davao is very popular in having this weird fruit
it was called DURIAN, why weird? Because it smells like poop
but it taste really delicious. Some rumors that airlines
doesn't allowed to take Durian fruit in the airplane (is that true?)
Nikki gave me Durian fruit candy and now i have an idea what it taste like.. aha~!

she also gave me Estee Lauder make up remover
let see if this work.

Nikki gave me this NYX lippies in Tea Rose
love the color girl!

Thank you Nikki!

love you


  1. whoopee!
    i also got mine today.
    lovely package
    she's the sweetest,right?

    love you,nikki!

  2. awww... i know... nikki is such a sweet girl!

    dont worry about the webcam photo! just keep on blogging and updating kahit na webcam pa yan.

  3. Durian! lol. I like Durian. It's not bad tasting. I remember when I was younger, I hated the smell and refused to try it and then one of my aunt said she'll give me 5 dollars if I try a bite and I did. HAHAHA. So now the smell doesn't even bother me. hahha. nice love package by the way =]